Why Schools Love Local?

We offer fundraising products that people will actually want to buy! Not only that, they are unique because they are from local area businesses. Austin has so many great businesses, and we want to get their names and products out to you, the community. That's a win-win and the mission of Schools Love Local!

  • No pre-purchase of items with Schools Love Local
  • Items are sent directly to the purchaser's address, so no parent volunteers are needed.
  • No minimum sales required to participate
  • We offer quality and unique items from local businesses in Central Texas.

How Can We Make Fundraising Easier?

Did you know that school fundraising has been around since at least 1949? Today, it seems schools and school organizations (booster clubs, sports teams) need fundraising more than ever. We've done our fair share of fundraising, in the past as students and now as parents. 

As parent volunteers, we saw some difficulties with fundraisers:

  • Some fundraisers require you to pre-purchase items. So, if you're unable to sell everything, you as a organization member have to eat the cost (sometimes literally!).
  • Fundraisers that send packages to the school require many parent volunteers to separate and organize packages for students to bring home (From personal experience, we know it can take several parents a few hours of frantic work before the school bell rings).
  • Some fundraising companies have a required minimum amount of sales and will tack on extra fees if the quota is not met.
  • And in many cases, purchasers who want to support schools have to buy items they wouldn't necessarily want to purchase otherwise.

An Idea is Born!

We want supporters of your organization to be happy with their purchase while they help a good cause. In addition, we want to make it as easy as possible for you, the fundraising organizer. Sign up with us, advertise the fundraising campaign via social media, and leave the rest to us!

Want to find out more?

Please email us at info@schoolslovelocal.com or call us at (512) 900-5900.

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Ann Okamura, Founder and Owner